January 13, 2020 to January 19, 2020

Members of the LaSalle Police Service, working from Monday January 13th to Sunday January 19th, were kept busy responding to 524 occurrences and calls for service. Some of the many calls and occurrences include:
22 – Emergency 911 Calls
2 – Alarms
1 – Assault
1 – Assist Other Police Service
1 – Bail Violations
2 – Break & Enters
3 – By-Law Complaints
1 – Death Investigation
7 – Driving & Traffic Complaints
4 – Frauds
2 – Impaired Driving Complaints
1 – Mental Health Act Matter
1 – Mischiefs
11 – Motor Vehicle Collisions
6 – Suspicious Activity
7 – Thefts
136 -Traffic Stops & Vehicle Checks

Below are some highlights.

Jan 13
Driving While Suspended
An officer was travelling on Ojibway Parkway in the City of Windsor and had occasion to stop a moving vehicle to ensure compliance under the Highway Traffic Act. A check on the license plate revealed the owner of the vehicle was a suspended driver. The officer requested the driver to provide her driver’s license, vehicle permit and proof of insurance. The driver complied and was identified as the registered owner of the vehicle. The officer then checked the driver which revealed that she was a suspended driver for medical reasons. The officer seized the driver’s licence and returned it to the Ministry of Transportation. The officer served the driver with a Part III Summons for the offence of driving while under suspension contrary to section 53(1) of the Highway Traffic Act. The vehicle was parked off the highway to be removed by a licenced driver at a later time.

Jan 14
Single Motor Vehicle Accident: Property Damage/Possible Injuries
Officers were dispatched to the 2100 block of Front Road around 2:00am for reports of a single motor vehicle collision with possible injuries. The vehicle caused damage to multiple properties on Front Road which included: a broken chain link and white vinyl fence, tire tracks across a front lawn, damage to front lawn on another and transmission fluid/other fluids spewed onto a newly built driveway. When the officer attended the vehicle, the passenger was unresponsive due to consuming alcohol and it was unknown if they had sustained any injuries. EMS attended the scene as well to examine both the driver and passenger. The passenger became responsive shortly after EMS arrived and was transported to the hospital as a precaution. The driver was charged with “Careless Driving” and the vehicle was towed at the owners expense.

Jan 15
Driving Complaint: Failure to Stop for School Buses
An officer received a driving complaint with reference to persons not stopping for school buses picking up or letting children off. They had noticed this issue since September 2019 and that the time frame that they regularly observed this to occur is between pickup 8:00-8:40am and drop off 3:00pm-3:40pm, with two separate school buses, one being a school bus for handicapped students. The caller was fearful and generally concerned for the safety of the children that are required to cross the street on Todd Lane at their designated bus stop. The caller could not identify any vehicles in particular (make, model, license plate) but did notice a small, white car overtake the buses on more than one occasion while the stop lights were illuminated and stop arm extended. In regards to this safety hazard, the LaSalle Police Service have begun a directed patrol in this area to address this ongoing issue. The caller was provided a report number and as well as information regarding this patrol. She was very thankful to the service’s attention to this matter. If you should witness such an occurrence it is always helpful to record or remember the licence plate number of the vehicle in order to assist in locating the person responsible.

It is illegal to fail to stop for a stopped school bus that has its red lights flashing. If you do not stop, you can be fined $400 to $2,000 and get six demerit points for a first offence. If you are convicted a second time within five years, the penalty is a fine of $1,000 to $4,000 and six demerit points. You could also go to jail for up to six months. In Ontario, school-bus drivers and other witnesses can report vehicles that have illegally passed a school bus. If you are the vehicle’s registered owner, these same fines, but not demerit points or jail time, may be applied to you.

There is no excuse for this type of impatient and inconsiderate driving and it will face zero tolerance. Anyone caught committing such a violation will be charged accordingly.

Jan 16
Animal Complaint
While on general patrol at approximately 11:00am on January 16th one of our officers observed a coyote close to Vince Marcotte Park. He noted the time as it is an unusual time to see the animal. LaSalle Police has not received any calls regarding sightings of the animal, however we advise you to be cautious if seeing a coyote in the area. For more information on Coyotes – https://www.ontario.ca/page/preventing-and-managing-conflicts-coyotes-wolves-and-foxes or

Jan 18
Motor Vehicle Collisions During Expected Snowy Weather Conditions
Heavy snowfall was expected in the area commencing at around midnight on Friday, January 17, 2020 and accumulate well into the Saturday morning commute. Early on, dispatch received multiple radio call-ins of motor vehicle collision from officers who were out on the road patrolling; happening to be in the right place at the right time. A few are listed below:
Approximately 1:00am:
During his route, an officer discovered a vehicle in the ditch on Disputed Road at Bouffard. Upon investigation, it seemed that due to the weather conditions, the vehicle had a hard time coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. Therefore, his vehicle slid across Disputed Road and into a ditch. The vehicle sustained heavy damage to its front end and towing attended to remove the vehicle. The driver sustained no injuries and was not charged with anything due to the slick road conditions.
Approximately 8:00am:
An officer was patrolling in the area of Huron Church Line Road and Sixth Concession Road when he noticed a vehicle in the ditch. The driver was okay and had already called towing for his vehicle that was undamaged and just stuck. Due to the fact that the Tow Truck had to take up the whole road to get the vehicle out, more officers attended for traffic control and safety precautions. It took about an hour for the vehicle to be removed and the driver was issued a provincial offence notice and warnings for two other provincial offences.

Approximately 10:00am:
While the patrol Sergeant was patrolling Front Road, he noticed that a vehicle was stuck in a snow bank just North of Malden Road. There was no damage to the vehicle and further investigation indicated that the vehicle had just spun out. The officer then came on the radio and spoke to dispatch stating that some helpful neighbours came out to assist, got the vehicle out of the snow bank and the vehicle continued on to its destination.

Approximately 10:30am:
On Highway 18 near the train tracks between Morton Drive and River Avenue, the same officer as above located a vehicle that ran off the road and hit a highway sign signalling the curve up ahead. The Town’s Board of Works department was notified about the damage to the sign. There were no injuries reported and the officer helped the driver get the vehicle back onto the roadway.

Jan 19
Property Check – Mischief
The sergeant on duty attended the Vollmer for a property check at midnight. Upon arrival he noticed tire tracks near the baseball diamonds in an area which is treed and certainly not for use by vehicles. It appears that the vehicle is a truck based due to the wheel base and size of the tire tracks. It is unknown at this time if there is any damage to the area due to lack of light, however a similar incident took place during the last snowfall in November. The parks department was notified to follow up on Monday to see if there is a way in identifying the vehicle involved and if there was any damage sustained to the property. Officers will be conducting regular patrols of the Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex. Persons responsible could be charged with a number of offences including criminal mischief.