January 27, 2020 to February 2, 2020

Members of the LaSalle Police Service, working from Monday January 26th to Sunday February 2nd, were kept busy responding to occurrences and calls for service. Some of the many calls and occurrences include:
– Emergency 911 Calls
– Alarms
– Assault
– Assist Other Police Service
– Bail Violations
– Break & Enters
– By-Law Complaints
– Death Investigation
– Driving & Traffic Complaints
– Frauds
– Impaired Driving Complaints
– Mental Health Act Matter
– Mischiefs
– Motor Vehicle Collisions
– Suspicious Activity
– Thefts
– Traffic Stops & Vehicle Checks

Misuse of 911 Emergency Phone Line
Dispatch regularly receives calls on the emergency 911 line that are clearly not an emergency. For instance:
– Coyote sightings
– Looking up addresses, phone numbers or directions
– By-Law complaints (parking, dogs barking, loud noises, constant music playing, etc.)
– Frauds/Phone Scams

NON-EMERGENCY LINE: 519-969-5210 ext. 0 – you will be automatically transferred to DISPATCH who is working 24/7, ready to assist you.
EMERGENCY LINE: 911 (24/7 assistance)
– If you do call 911 without an emergency, dispatch will give you the number to the non-emergency line where they can further assist you without tying up a phone line where an emergency could come in at any second.

Put our regular number in your contact list so you don’t have to search to far if you have something minor to report or just need assistance.

Jan 27
An officer attended a residence to investigate a threats complaint. The reporting person advised he was playing a video game online through Playstation 4 with a person they were familar with and a group of unknown people. At one point during the game an argument ensued between the reporting person which culminated to threats of bodily harm. The officer investigated the matter and was able to speak with the involved persons and resolve the matter. They were advised that making threats to commit bodily harm and or death is still a criminal offence which could lead to arrest and a criminal record, even if it was committed of the PS4 system.
The both agreed that their conduct and method of resolution was poor.

Don’t be a keyboard warrior.

Some tips for playing games online:
Choose a safe username
Be careful what you share
Think about who you’re playing with
Check your privacy settings
Take breaks
Watch out for loot boxes and in-app purchases
Mods and downloads aren’t always safe

For more information and tips visit https://www.childline.org.uk/info-advice/bullying-abuse-safety/online-mobile-safety/online-gaming/

Suspicious Circumstances
A person was walking their dog in the bush area behind the 800 block of Victory Street and noticed piles of hamburgers laced with rat poison hidden in the bushes. It is believed that the meat was placed there purposely to poison animals. Please be wary when walking your pets in this area of LaSalle and advise if you see anything similar when out in the LaSalle Trails. Anyone with information should call LaSalle Police Service 519-969-5210 or Crime Stoppers at https://www.catchcrooks.com/ 519 258-8477.

Jan 28
Coyote sightings
Concerned citizens have contacted the LaSalle Police Service frequently to report coyote sightings in several areas of the town. The LaSalle Police Service is not discouraging people from calling as we may use the reports to assist our service and partners at local wildlife agencies with tracking these animals. However, if there is no imminent threat to life, please DO NOT call 911 as it is unnecessary and improper to use 911 for this purpose. We can be reached on our non-emergency line 24/7 at 519-969-5210. Please exercise caution around coyotes at this time as it is breeding season and behaviour tends to be more bold. Never approach a coyote or turn your back on one. During this time it is not unusual to see them out during the day time.

Jan 29

Theft Over $5000 – From Motor Vehicle
A resident on Rosewood Crescent reported having his unlocked vehicle entered over night. In the morning, the reporting person went out to their vehicle and discovered that items inside were moved around and the sun visor was down. An expensive pair of sunglasses were taken from the centre console. Police canvassed the neighbourhood to seek out potential witnesses or video surveillance. The resident was advised to lock vehicle going forward. The easiest way to prevent being a victim of this type of theft is to… #LockItOrLoseIt.

Jan 30
Assist Ambulance
An officer who happened to be conducting a directed patrol in a neighbourhood area was dispatched to a residence in the neighbourhood after the communication centre received a request from EMS to assist for a persons that had fallen to the ground inside a residence. Officers met with a family member who led the officers to the person in need of assistance. The officers were unable to wake the person and were not able to detect any vital signs. The two officers commenced CPR until EMS arrived on scene and took over life saving efforts. The patient was transferred to the hospital where they later placed in ICU.

Jan 31

A resident attended headquarters to report having $1400 of unauthorized withdrawals from his account from an on-line gambling website. The reporting party had reported it first to his bank and also wanted to report it to police. Permission was granted at one time to the gambling website and personal information given. But upon account investigation further withdrawals were taken without permission at later times. Investigation continues.

Feb 2

Assist Windsor Police Service
In the early morning hours of this date, LaSalle Police Service received a message from Windsor Police Service inquiring about a vehicle registered to an address in LaSalle. The vehicle in question was in relation to one of Windsor’s occurrences from the previous night. LaSalle was asked to assist, to do a drive-by of the residence to look for the vehicle. Two officers attended the residence with negative results. Information was passed back onto Windsor Police Service. (2020-1505)

We know there hasn’t been much of an opportunity this year but with the fluctuating temperatures recently, please read the follow safety precautions for ice fishing:

Tips for safe ice fishing
Don’t trust the ice—always be aware of the thickness and quality of ice to reduce risk of breaking through
Where ice is checked for thickness, obey posted signs on when and where ice surface is acceptable for activities. No trespassing means just that.
Avoid any open holes in lakes and rivers, or open ocean water.
Avoid traveling on any ice in non-daylight hours.
Be aware of currents and/or tides as these locations cannot be trusted to have consistent ice thickness.
Fish with a buddy
Avoid going out on the ice alone to ensure rescue is an option. Discuss rescue procedures in advance to ensure all fishers know how to perform a rescue safely.
If your pet falls through the ice, call for help. Resist the temptation to go out onto the ice after them.
Check the ice thickness
Many ice fishers will drive a motor vehicle, snowmobile or ATV to their fishing hut. No activity should be carried out on ice less than 15cm thick. In the presence of snow on ice, the minimum thickness would need to be doubled to 30cm.
Wear a flotation device and cold protection suit, even if you’re fishing from shore or on thick ice.

Carry rescue equipment
This includes ice picks, a rope, a cell phone (in a waterproof container) and a first aid kit. Other safety equipment to be considered includes: flashlight, waterproof matches/lighter, tool kit, candles and survival blanket.
Save the alcohol for when you get home and are telling the fish tales.