July 13, 2020 – July 19, 2020

Members of the LaSalle Police Service, working from Monday July 13th to Sunday July 19th, were kept busy responding to 406 calls for service and activities including:

24 – Emergency 911 Calls
9 – Alarms
1 – Alcohol Related Driver’s Licence Suspension
3 – Assist Ambulance
2 – Assist Fire Dept
1 – Assist Other Police Service
17 – By-Law Complaints
109 – Directed Patrols
2 – Domestic Disputes
3 – Driving & Traffic Complaints
1 – Family Disputes
1 – Frauds
1 – Harassment Complaints
1 – Mental Health Act
1 – Missing Person
9 – Motor Vehicle Collisions
81 – Property Checks
9 – Suspicious Activity
3 – Thefts
2 – Threats
65 – Traffic Stops & Vehicle Checks
4 – Wellness Checks

July 13th
Assist Fire Department
Just before 4:00 AM, LaSalle Police Service as well as LaSalle Fire Service were dispatched to the 100 block of Old Front Road with regard to a vehicle on fire in a nearby field. Upon arrival, it was discovered that both the driver and passenger doors were open and no one was inside or nearby the vehicle. It was later discovered that the vehicle had been stolen in the city of Windsor. The matter has been designated as an arson and is currently under investigation. Anyone with information that may assist in this investigation is asked to call the LaSalle Police Service at 519 969-5210 or contact Crime Stoppers anonymously at 519 258-8477 or https://www.catchcrooks.com/

July 14th
Theft from Vehicle
At approximately 8:00 PM an officer attended Zehrs Great Food on Malden Road, LaSalle for a report of a theft from motor vehicle. The officer met with the complainant who advised she attended Zehrs Great Food just after 6:00 PM to pick up groceries. The vehicle was accidentally left unlocked and a black Samsung Galaxy cell phone was taken from within the vehicle. The reporting person was advised to contact her provider to inform them it had been stolen. Anyone with information that may assist in this investigation is asked to call the LaSalle Police Service at 519 969-5210 or contact Crime Stoppers anonymously at 519 258-8477 or https://www.catchcrooks.com/

July 15th
Assist Fire Department: Water Rescue
Right after sunset, LaSalle Police Service Dispatch received a 911 call from a boater who advised that they and their passenger were stranded in the middle of the Detroit River in LaSalle near the north end of Fighting Island and that their boat was sinking. They advised that it was about 1/4 sunk already. They were both wearing life jackets and were uninjured at the time. The LaSalle Fire Service was dispatched immediately to their rescue the occupants and retrieve the vessel before it sunk. The vessel’s engine not longer worked and was also without electrical power. The occupants were advised by dispatch to shine their flashlights on their phone or their required waterproof flashlight to assist in locating them. LaSalle Fire Service quickly located the vessel about 200 meters offshore of Fighting Island just north west of the Laurier Boat Ramp. The vessel and occupants were brought to shore without further incident. The occupants were interviewed by LaSalle Police to determine what had transpired and if there was anything criminal in nature that contributed to this incident. They were satisfied that the vessel had simply experienced some sort of mechanical or structural failure. No one was injured as a result of the quick action taken. The LaSalle Police Service would like to remind everyone to ensure that you have all of your required safety equipment aboard at all times and to double check before heading out. Also, the legislated required safety equipment is only a minimum standard. It is not a bad idea to have more safety equipment than you are required by law. An extra flashlight, batteries, whistles, manual pumps, etc can never hurt and you may be thankful you had it. Wear your PFD, it may save your life.

July 16th
Motor Vehicle Collision With Minor Injuries
At approximately 7:15 PM, Officers from the LaSalle Police Service attended the intersection of Sandwich West Parkway and Heritage Drive for a report of a motor vehicle that had struck and broken a hydro pole at that location. When officers arrived they spoke with a female who was later identified as being the passenger in the motor vehicle. She has an abrasion on her head that was examined by EMS. A witness advised officers that they observed a male leave the vehicle and left the area on foot. The male driver was located nearby by the officers and, after investigation into the collision, was charged with Careless Driving – Highway Traffic Act Section 130. He was also found to be a suspended driver and was charged with Driving While Under Suspension – Highway Traffic Act Section 53.

July 18th

Noise Complaints
On this day LaSalle Police Service received multiple varying by-law noise complaints from all over the town:
A resident called LPS regarding their neighbour who was revving their engine loudly in the garage and driving their loud vehicle up and down the street. An officer attended the area and spoke to the driver who had been making repairs to the car. The driver was advised to be mindful of other residents when working on their car and the noise that it creates. They were also educated on the Town of LaSalle noise By-law http://www.lasalle.ca/en/town-hall/resources/By-laws/Consolidated-Bylaw-3783—Noise.pdf

LaSalle Police Service also received a few calls about parties/gatherings that were happening around town and the loud music and loud conversations that they were creating. Officers attended the residences in question and educated the homeowners on the Town of LaSalle By-law. In each instance the music was turned down or the gathering was ended early.

If you are having a gathering/party that may create noise from music, loud voices or from any other source, as a courtesy talk to your surrounding neighbours and advise them of the event that is taking place and that there may be a little extra noise. This may encourage them to let you know if the music is a little loud instead of having the police at your door when you are trying to entertain.

Additionally, LPS received a noise complaint related to fireworks in the area of Laurier Parkway. As a reminder, The Town of LaSalle has a by-law in place that provides specific dates when fireworks may be legally set off with the Town of LaSalle.

July 19th
Suspicious Circumstance
At approximately 12:20 PM, a LaSalle Police Officer attended St. Thomas of Villanova Secondary School for a report of a suspicious circumstance. A witness advised that they observed an adult male exit the broadcast booth at the top of the bleachers near the track. They reported that the male was shirtless and possibly completely nude however they were some distance from the booth when they observed him. The male ran away from the area when the witness arrived. The only description provided was that he was Caucasian and between 30-40 years of age. There have been previous complaints of persons trespassing and causing damage on the property. Police have increased patrols to this area. Damaging any part of the school property or entering any structure without authorization may result in criminal charges. Entering any property when entry is prohibited could result in charges under the Trespass to Property Act.

911 Accidental Calls
The number of 911 misdials that LaSalle Police Service Dispatch have received lately has increased. Accidentally dialing 911 can occur in many ways; when your child is playing with your phone, when your phone is in your pocket or even when you accidentally activate the emergency button. In any of these cases we urge you to remain on the line and explain to us how the accident occurred. Be patient with us when we explain that it is our policy as a service to follow up with each and every 911 call and that an officer will be attending your location to confirm that everything is okay.
By remaining on the phone when you call we can quickly verify who you are and if there is an emergency. Yes we’ll have some questions but DON’T panic and just quickly hang up. Talk to us. If we can’t reach you because you hung up we will treat your accidental call as an emergency until we are able to talk to you and fully determine that you are safe regardless of the time of day or night. We treat ALL 911 calls as emergencies so, even after you have spoken one of our communicators an officer will still follow up and ensure your safety.