July 6, 2020 to July 12, 2020

Members of the LaSalle Police Service, working from Monday July 6th to Sunday June 12th, were kept busy responding to 425 calls for service and activities including:
33 –  Emergency 911 Calls
9 –  Alarms
1 – Alcohol Related Driver’s Licence Suspension
1 – Assist Ambulance
3 – Assist Other Police Service
13 –  By-Law Complaints
12 – COVID-19 related call
1 – Crisis Intervention
100 – Directed Patrols
3 – Domestic Disputes
12 –  Driving & Traffic Complaints
2 – Family Disputes
5 – Frauds
4 – Harassment Complaints
3 – Impaired Driving Complaints
3 – Mental Health Act
2 – Motor Vehicle Collisions
56  – Property Checks
8 – Suspicious Activity
5 – Thefts
3 – Threats
85 – Traffic Stops & Vehicle Checks
1 – Wellness Checks

June 6th
Shoplifting: Tommy Hilfiger Outlet
At approximately 4:00 PM, an officer was dispatched to Tommy Hilfiger at Windsor Crossing Outlet Mall for a theft report. A female was observed exiting the store with several pieces of unpaid merchandise in her purse.  She left the lot in a red Dodge Caravan with another female and headed toward Highway 3. The value of stolen merchandise was almost $400.00. The matter is under investigation and LaSalle Police are asking anyone with information that may assist in this investigation is asked to call the LaSalle Police Service at 519 969-5210 or contact Crime Stoppers anonymously at 519 258-8477 or https://www.catchcrooks.com/
                July 7th
Flooding: Front Road
By 9:00 PM, severe thunderstorms had come into the area and were causing the heavy rainfall to flood the road on Front Road from Reaume Road to International Avenue. The Town of LaSalle Roads Department were immediately contacted and headed out to address the issue by using pumps on to decrease the amount of water on the roads. LaSalle Police Officers were sent down to block off the road and help with vehicles getting in for local traffic only as well as detouring through traffic in an effort to this area. With the assistance of the pumps, the water receded quickly however a portion of Front Road from Maple Avenue to Delaware Avenue remained closed for a couple of hours due to water covering the roadway. Around midnight the water had receded enough in this area to safely open one lane in each direction on Front road.
July 8th
Driving Complaint
At approximately 4:30 PM, the LaSalle Police Service was informed of a driving complaint that occurred on Highway 18 near River Avenue.   The reporting person witnessed another vehicle driving aggressively at this location and attempted to pass the vehicle.  An occupant of the subject vehicle threw a snow brush out of the window toward the reporting persons’ car however it did not strike their vehicle.  The reporting person asked that the subject be spoken to and educated on proper driving and the dangers of throwing an object out of a moving vehicle.  They requested for no criminal charges to be laid in this matter.  The officer was able to identify the driver when querying the licence plate and spoke to the subject who was very apologetic for his actions.  Driving aggressively and speeding is dangerous and may have deadly consequences.  Throwing objects out of a vehicle at another vehicle or person could result in criminal charges.  Please drive carefully, patiently and with all due care and consideration.
July 9th
Assist Public
Just before 1:00 PM, a LaSalle Police officer was dispatched to a gas station on Front Road for report of a theft of fuel.  The officer learned that a customer had entered the store to make some purchases then left the store to pump fuel into their vehicle.  The male drove away without paying for the gas.  His licence plate number was provided to the officer by the gas station clerk and dispatch was able to locate a name and address for the male. The investigating officer is following up to locate the male and have them return to the store to pay for the fuel.  The clerk believed that this may have been a moment of being absent minded.

July 10th
Suspicious Circumstances
At around 11:00 AM The LaSalle Police Service was contacted for a report of a suspicious circumstance.  The reporting person advised that around 11:00 PM the night before a dark coloured pick up truck had pulled in to their neighbour’s driveway and after staying for about 10 minutes the truck then moved about three houses down and parked in front of a different neighbour’s house before leaving a short time later.  At approximately 1:00 AM, the reporting person observed the same truck again in front of the reporting person’s home.  The homeowner opened her front door and the truck drove away. The homeowner was not able to get a licence plate or vehicle description and did not call police until 11:00 AM.  Because this was not reported immediately officer were limited in their ability to investigate this further.  The LaSalle Police Service urges everyone to report matters such as this immediately which will afford a greater opportunity to possibly locate and identify the vehicle or persons involved. 

July 11th
Youth Complaint
At approximately 6:00 PM, LaSalle Police Officers attended the Turtle Club for a report of 4-6 youths smoking marijuana and riding around on the “Gator” vehicle that belonged to the Turtle Club. When the officer arrived, the Gator was left unattended and there were no youths in the area. The officer then met with the reporting person who advised that the youths left the area on their bikes and it was also discovered that the key to the Gator was missing.  An executive member attended the park and advised that the Gator was left out after practice earlier that day. He then checked over the Gator for damage and put it away in safe, locked location.
R.I.D.E. Program
During the evening of Saturday July 11, 2020, the LaSalle Police Service conducted a R.I.D.E. Program at various locations in the Town of LaSalle. The officers canvassed approximately 675 vehicles and conducted 9 roadside sobriety tests, 1 resulting in a 3 day license suspension. Officers issued several cautions for Highway Traffic Act violations. LaSalle Police Service will continue to conduct RIDE Programs throughout the year throughout different areas of the Town. LaSalle Police reminds motorists to arrive alive, car pool, take a cab or Uber It.
July 12th
Assist Ambulance
At approximately 7:30 PM, the LaSalle Police Service and the LaSalle Fire Service were dispatched to the 8000 block of Broderick Road to assist ambulance with a motor vehicle collision on private property involving a lone dirt bike. The driver of the dirt bike was reported to be semi-conscious at the time. Investigation into the incident revealed that the dirt bike seemed to have gotten caught in a deep rut causing the rider to be thrown from the vehicle. The driver was transported to the hospital via EMS and is expected to fully recover from their injuries.
The LaSalle Police service would like residents of the Town of LaSalle to be extra vigilant when taking phone calls from unknown numbers or receiving emails from unknown persons. There has been a large number of reports of fraudulent phone calls as well as emails that citizens have been receiving in the area. Some examples of these fraudulent calls include calls which may begin with an automated voice and claims to be from the Canada Revenue Agency and that action is being taken against you.  You are then prompted to press 1 and will be connected to an “agent” of “officer” who will ask your name and several details.  Our advice is to simply hang up and do not press 1.  The CRA will NEVER contact you in this fashion.  Regardless of your situation and even if you have ongoing matters with the CRA hang up and call the CRA directly through a trusted number (not provided by the caller).  Another example is calls many of us have received about duct cleaning.  It is always best practice to never divulge ANY information to anyone from unsolicited phone calls, text messages or e-mails. Never give out any personal information on-line or over the phone unless you can verify to whom you are speaking with.  To further educate yourself visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud website //https://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca/index-eng.htm