June 8th, 2020 to June 14th, 2020

June 8th
An officer was dispatched to Zehrs on Malden for a report of a theft in progress involving two females. Two officers waited outside the exit of Zehrs and observed the Zehrs Loss Prevention Officer and two females that matched the given description exit the store with a full small cart of groceries and one female carrying four other bags that were filled. The officers approached the females and advised them of the investigation. The females denied the allegations of theft and stated that they paid for the items and offered their receipt which had a total of $76.10. The officer inspected the content of the bags and found differences between the receipt and the items on hand. It was evident to the officers that there were items that were not paid for but had been bagged. When the officers stated some of the differences, the females inquired if they would be able to pay for the items. The request was denied and all items were surrendered to the Loss Prevention Officer to decipher which items had/had not been paid for. The Loss Prevention Officer informed the officers that the females were using the self-check out and were only scanning a portion of the total items. The total of the unpaid items was found to be $358.14. Some items not paid for included clothing, meat and other various snacks. Both parties were placed under arrest for Theft Under $5000 contrary to section 334 of the Criminal Code. Both females were read heir Rights to Counsel, and were cautioned and searched. Both females were released on Form 9 Appearance Notices.

June 9th
Theft: Shoppers Drug Mart
Around 6:15pm a local pharmacy experienced a theft. An employee observed a person holding a multi-coloured box then leave the store without paying. The box looked white and yellow in color, similar to the Medela Breast Pumps totalling at $499.99. The employee then checked the shelf where the breast pumps were stocked and found one to be missing. A bystander outside of the store witnessed three people leave and head to a vehicle parked nearby. Another curious citizen was able to capture the license plate of the vehicle as they drive off. The citizen then phoned the store and told them what happened. Investigating Officers determined that the identified vehicle was found to have been involved in a theft outside of the Windsor-Essex area earlier in the year. The store surveillance tape was reviewed and the investigation is ongoing.

June 10th

Wellness Check
LaSalle Police received a call from a person who had received a text message from their children, which included their “safe” word and mentioned that the party whose care they were under was acting strangely. The reporting person did not live in LaSalle and was requesting that Police check on the children to ensure that they were safe. On arrival the officer was met with the caregiver who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. The caregiver stated that its not a habit to consume alcohol in the presence of the children, but had been today. Both children appeared in good spirits and wished to stay at the residence under the supervision of a sober and responsible adult. A sober and responsible adult attended the residence to stay and supervise.
A ‘safe’ word is a great tool for any parent to have with their children. This is a word that can be shared to alert a parent of caregiver of any trouble or if the child is feeling uncomfortable for any reason, a great tool for any parent!

June 11th
Driving Complaint
Police received an anonymous complaint from a person residing in the Ramblewood subdivision. The complaint was regarding dirtbikes being driven up and down the road. Police were provided with an address where the dirt bikes were located. An officer attended the address and was able to speak to the homeowner who stated that the bikes are regularly ridden along the tracks in Chatham, and never on the street; however, this weekend they had been fixing one of the dirt bikes and so had driven it down the street just to test it. The homeowner was educated on where they are able to ride their ATVs/dirt bikes: https://www.lasallepolice.ca/all-terrain-vehicle-information/

June 13th / June 14th
Traffic Enforcement
Throughout the day on Saturday, June 13th and Sunday, June 14th, officers conducted traffic enforcement in multiple areas around town. As a result 4 tickets for Drive motor vehicle, perform stunt – speeding 50 or more km/hr contrary to section 172(1) of the HTA were given out along with 14 provincial offence notices and 16 cautions.