LaSalle Police Officer Prepares for Training as a Forensic Crime Scene Investigator

LaSalle Police Service, Constable Olivia Ducharme is preparing to take on the rigorous training required to become a forensic crime scene investigator.

Here, Sgt. Nick Goy is explaining some of the intricate details of crime scene photography.

The course is held at the Ontario Police College where the students will be immersed in a demanding nine week training regimen and certification. There are a couple of weeks of pre-course training that she will be required to complete in advance. Upon successful completion of the training, Olivia will return to the LaSalle Police Service where she will become a member of the LaSalle Police Service Forensic Unit and will be mentored by a senior Forensic Crime Scene Investigator to further hone her skills.

The LaSalle Police Service wishes you the best of luck and thanks you for your dedication.