LaSalle Police Service Communications Centre – Always Ready and Able

The LaSalle Police Service Communications Centre was kept busy over the last 36 hours after Essex County experienced an ice storm that toppled trees and brought down several power lines in the area. Our communicators answered 353 incoming calls, 136 of which were 911 calls related to this event. To give it some perspective, the highest number of 911 calls in one day in 2023 was 15 in January.

During this time, our communicators also dispatched 38 fire runs for LaSalle Fire Service and 35 for Kingsville Fire Service all while keeping up with the significant communication needs of the LaSalle Police Service. “I am very proud of the outstanding performance of our communicators and officers. This was a very busy 36 hours and all of our members responded selflessly and professionally to help in any way they could,” said Deputy Chief Jason Woods.

The LaSalle Police Service Communications Centre provides call-taking and dispatch services for the LaSalle Police Service, LaSalle Fire Service and Kingsville Fire Service as well as the LaSalle Public Works Department after hours.

LaSalle Police Service Communication centre with a person sitting at a desk, speaking on the phone