LaSalle Police Service Investigating Suspicious Circumstance

The LaSalle Police Service is investigating a suspicious circumstance after a young female reported to police that on June 12, 2020 between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM, she was riding her bicycle on Malden Road near Delmar Street when she was approached by a male driving a dark coloured sedan southbound on Malden Road. She heard a siren activate momentarily and the male driver gestured for her to pull over into the parking lot at Malden Square Plaza. The vehicle pulled in and the lone male exited the vehicle. The male asked her a few questions, although did not ask her any personal details such as her name or address. The entire interaction was brief after which the male advised her that she could leave.

The vehicle involved is described as a newer sedan that was dark in colour. The vehicle appeared to be equipped with a push bar on the front bumper and may have had lights inside the front windshield (not activated). The vehicle did not have any markings that would identify it as a police vehicle.

The male was described as white, muscular, approximately 6 feet tall and wearing a police ballistic vest with the words “LaSalle Police” on the front. He was also wearing dark cargo pants and a collared shirt with the word “Police” on the sleeves. In addition to this he also had on a pair of mirrored sunglasses, a black ball cap with no markings and a surgical type mask. He appeared to have dark brown hair and had a deep raspy voice. The male did not identify himself as a police officer at any time during the interaction.

The LaSalle Police Service has confirmed that none of their officers or vehicles were in the plaza at the time nor had any interaction with the reporting female and the matter is currently under investigation. The LaSalle Police Service is inquiring with neighbouring police agencies of their possible presence at this time.

The LaSalle Police Service asks that if anyone witnessed this event or has any details that may assist in this investigation to contact the LaSalle Police Service immediately at 519 969-5210.