LaSalle Police Service Weekly Media Release January 25- January 31, 2021

Members of the LaSalle Police Service, working from Monday January 25th to Sunday January 31st, were kept busy responding to 271 calls for service and activities including:

19 – Emergency 911 Calls
8 – Alarms
3 – By-Law Complaints
2 – Domestic Disputes
27 – Directed Patrols
6 – Driving Complaints
2 – Family Disputes
4 – Fraud Complaints
3 – Harassment Complaints
1 – Impaired Driving Complaint
2 – Mental Health Act Matters
2 – Mischief Complaints
3 – Motor Vehicle Collisions
1 – Person to be Removed
96 – Property Checks
6 – Suspicious Activity
4 – Thefts
1 – Theft Vehicle
37 – Traffic Stops & Vehicle Checks
5 – Trespass Complaints
6 – COVID-19 related calls

Ice Safety
Over the course of the weekend (Jan 30th – 31st) there were reports from various locations throughout the region of persons having to be rescued from the ice such as was the case in Mitchell’s Bay on Saturday where ice fishermen became stranded when stress cracks formed in the ice and began to separate. There were other reports of vehicles breaking through the ice in Cook’s Bay in Barrie Ontario. Just last week, four teens fell through the ice at a pond at the Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex in LaSalle. Unfortunately this seems to be occurring far too often despite the repeated cautions from first responders and media that the weather has not been cold enough for long enough to safely trust the ice at this time.
While we’ve had a few cold days recently, it has not been cold enough for long enough to trust that any ice is safe over any body of water for any activity. The ice is still thin, especially over bodies of water with a current. Going out onto unsafe ice not only puts you at risk but it also puts the lives of any potential rescuers or first responders at risk as well. Certainly NEVER venture out onto the ice alone and always tell someone where you are going before heading out.

Jan. 25th
Thefts from unlocked motor vehicles
At approximately 8:00, LaSalle Police received a complaint from a resident in the 1600 block of Sprucewood Avenue advising that their car had been entered sometime over that last two days. The car had been left unlocked and luckily nothing was stolen however the contents had been rummaged through and scattered about. During a canvass of the neighbourhood, the officer located another resident who advised that their vehicle had also been entered and a small amount of change was stolen. They were not going to report it due to the small amount. These occurrences may be linked to other thefts from vehicles which were reported on January 24th and the LaSalle Police have arrested and charged an adult male from the City of Windsor for these criminal offences. It is helpful to police and the community to report all incidences of vehicles being entered even if there was no theft. The quickest way to file such reports is via our on-line reporting tool at:

Jan. 28th
Shoplifting- Theft- under $5000
Just after 7:30 PM, the Loss Prevention Officer at Zehrs on Malden Road contacted LaSalle Police Service to report a theft in progress. The LPO advised that an adult male had left the store with a cart full of groceries without paying. A description and direction of travel was provided and officers quickly converged on the area. Within two minutes of the call, the male was located by officers and was arrested for the theft. The total value of the theft was just under $650.00. A second adult male was also located within the accused’s vehicle who had a warrant for his arrest by the Ontario Provincial Police. The first male was released with a court date and the second male was released into custody of the OPP. Both males were also issued trespass notices barring them from entry to all Loblaw Stores.

Jan. 29th
Possible Scam
Police were contacted by a resident in LaSalle regarding an Amazon package containing a black and silver bracelet that was delivered to their home with their name on it despite the fact that they had not ordered it. Later that evening the reporting person received an email from Amazon indicating their package had been delivered. After reviewing their Amazon account they realized that the credit card used for the purchase on their account was not theirs. The reporting person contacted Amazon and had the package returned and closed their account due to suspected fraud. Shortly after receiving the email from Amazon, the reporting person received an email from Shoppers Optimum advising that 70,000 of their points had been redeemed in West Kelowna, British Columbia. The reporting person contacted the Shoppers Optimum support team and discovered that this was in fact a fraudulent transaction and would begin an investigation. Prior to the officers arrival, the reporting person had contacted their bank who confirmed that none of their accounts or credit cards had been accessed. The reporting person was advised to contact their bank, Equifax and Trans-union to appraise them of the incident and to enhance their credit security. Further safety measures were also recommended, such as changing passwords to other accounts and deactivating / opening a new Shoppers Optimum account.

Jan. 30th
Two separate calls were received on this day regarding possible violations at homes in LaSalle. Both complaints were regarding people at the residences who did not reside there. In both cases Officers were dispatched and upon investigation found both home owners to be compliant and within the current regulations.

If you have questions regarding current regulations please visit the Windsor Essex County Health Unit website—-

3 Day Driver’s Licence Suspension – Alcohol
At about 12:30 AM, an officer on general patrol had occasion to stop vehicle after observing it swerving on the roadway. While speaking with the adult female driver, the offer could smell alcohol and demanded breath sample. The drivers registered a reading of more than 50 mgs of alcohol in 100 mls of blood and was issued a driver’s licence suspension for a period of three days. The driver will now have to pay a $280 fee to the MTO to have their licence reinstated.
Don’t drink and drive and don’t drive impaired.

Jan. 31st
Suspicious Person- Assist Public
In the early morning hours a male was found by officers taking shelter on Front Road inside of the TD bank vestibule. The male indicated to officers that he was homeless and that he was in need of assistance. Dispatch was tasked to find accommodations for the male however it was a very cold evening and about to snow and all shelters were full. While dispatch continued to try to find the male lodging, the officers bought the male a meal at McDonalds. Finally a spot opened up for the male at the Downtown mission for the night. Officers advised the intake staff that the male had no of soles in his size 12 shoes. They would try to find him some suitable footwear. If you wish to help those in our communities that are truly in need you may consider a donation of funds or food to the Downtown Mission, Street Help or the Salvation Army, among others. A small amount goes a long way.


The Salvation Army Windsor

Approved By: Staff Sergeant Jason WOODS