LaSalle Police Service Weekly Media Release – November 16th, 2020 – November 22, 2020

Members of the LaSalle Police Service, working from Monday November 16th to Sunday November 22nd, were kept busy responding to 393 calls for service and activities including:

18 – Emergency 911 Calls
8 – Alarms
1 – Assault Complaints
5 – Assist Other Police Service
1 – Bail Violation
9 – By-Law Complaints
103 – Directed Patrols
3 – Domestic Dispute
2 – Driving Complaints
1 – Fraud
1 – Harassment Complaint
2 – Impaired Driving Complaints
1 – Indecent Act
3 – Mental Health Matters
2 – Mischief Complaints
5 – Motor Vehicle Collisions
101 – Property Checks
10 – Suspicious Activity
6 – Thefts
3 – Threats Complaints
66 – Traffic Stops & Vehicle Checks
1 – COVID-19 related call

Enforcement for Violating COVID-19 Measures
As of November 22nd, 2020 the Ontario Government updated its “COVID-19 Response Framework: Keeping Ontario Safe and Open” by stating specific compliance thresholds for each level in the framework.

Health Units across Ontario were categorized into threshold levels based on specific data in those regions. Those threshold levels are;
1) Grey – Lockdown – Maximum Measures
2) Red – Control – Stringent Measures
2) Orange – Restrict – Intermediate Measures
3) Yellow – Protect – Strengthened Measures
4) Green – Prevent – Standard Measures

Currently, the Windsor Essex County Health Unit, which serves Windsor and Essex County, is at the ‘Orange – Restrict’ level.

COVID-19 positive cases have continued a steady increase in many regions across Ontario including here in Essex County. We as a community must not become weary or complacent in our efforts to avoid unnecessary exposure and have to do our part to stem the burden to our medical system. We are all legally bound to follow these rules which have been put into place in order to protect the overall health of our communities.

Here is a link to the Ontario Government COVID-19 Response Framework

The Government of Ontario, health units, and community leaders have done their utmost to educate everyone on the COVID-19 guidelines to keep us safe and healthy during this pandemic. Provincial and local governments then created and or amended legislation and regulations to further ensure compliance of those guidelines with a heavy emphasis on education and awareness. This was done in an effort to maintain and improve public health in our communities as we face this pandemic together.

The guidelines and rules that have been set in place have been made clear and available to everyone on an ongoing basis for approximately nine months.

The LaSalle Police Service will investigate violations of legislation related to COVID-19 enacted by Federal, Provincial or local governments or orders made by the Windsor Essex County Health Unit, and if sufficient grounds exit, will pursue charges, all of which carry a significant penalty.

The LaSalle Police Service respects that many are facing serious challenges however the health and safety of our community is of paramount importance us. We continuously strive to maintain a positive relationship with our community which is evident in our ability to collaborate and cooperate while building mutual respect and support.
If we work together we can all make a difference. Please make the right choice.

Nov 16th
Thefts from Windsor Crossing Outlet Mall
One adult female was arrested and charged with Theft Under $5000.00 after shoplifting items from two retail stores at Windsor Crossing Premium Outlets. At approximately 5:30 PM, officers were dispatched to the outlet mall for a report of a theft in progress. Officers attended located the woman in a vehicle while leaving the scene. The stolen items were located within the vehicle and returned to the stores and the woman was released from custody with a court date to answer to the charge.

Nov 17th
CIBC Member Defrauded
An officer met with a LaSalle resident who reported that their CIBC account had been defrauded of approximately $54,000. After the reporting person made several attempts to use their card, all of which were declined, they met with a CIBC representative who then notified them that there were some potentially fraudulent transactions completed in Sarnia, Ontario. The reporting person advised that they had not been to Sarnia, nor completed any such transaction. After the meeting, their accounts were frozen and it was reported to the LaSalle Police Service where the investigation is ongoing.

Nov 18th
Suspicious bag found on Property
In the late afternoon, a resident stated that he found a gym bag with bolt cutters and other odd items/tools in his shed at the rear of his property. The shed had been left unlocked and the bag was not there a couple days prior. None of his personal items had been taken and he decided to report the suspicious circumstance to police. A search was conducted in the police service’s records history to review if there had been any reports of suspicious persons or break and enters recently in the in the area which there had not. Police seized the bag and contents. It is important to notify police of such situations as it assists us in investigations into these matters. Call us immediately at 519 969-5210 to report any suspicious circumstances or persons.

Nov 20th
Prohibited Driver: No License and No Insurance
At approximately 9:30 AM, An officer stopped a grey Chevrolet Equinox on Front Road for a traffic violation. After identifying the adult male driver the officer learned that the vehicle was not insured and the drivers’ licence was suspended under the Highway Traffic Act for unpaid fines and a prohibited driver under the Criminal Code for a Criminal Code offence conviction. The driver was arrested and charged for “Operation of Motor Vehicle While Prohibited” and was also issued with a Part III Summons for Driving while under Suspension. The vehicle was towed and impounded for 45 days for which the driver will be responsible for all fees. The driver must now appear before a judge to answer to the charges.

Nov 21st
Motor Vehicle Accident: Personal Injury/Driver Charged with DUI
Just after 6:30 PM, LaSalle Police Service, LaSalle Fire Service and EMS attended the 8500 block of Snake Lane for a report of a single motor vehicle collision. A Red Dodge Ram driven by an adult male had struck a parked car and hydro pole causing the truck to flip over onto its roof. The hydro pole broke as a result and Essex Power Lines attended to tend to the downed wires. The driver of the vehicle did not sustain any serious injuries and investigation into the matter revealed that he was impaired by alcohol. The male was transported to the hospital and was subsequently arrested for “Operation While Impaired” and “Operating a Conveyance with a blood alcohol concentration that exceeds 80 mg of alcohol in 100 mL of blood”. The vehicle was impounded for 7 days. The male now has a court date to answer to the charges.

Please don’t drive impaired. Plan ahead. If you plan to drink, plan for a ride.

Nov 22nd
Person Removed to be removed: Vollmer Complex
At approximately 8:00 PM, employees at the Vollmer Complex requested police to attended for a disruptive patron that was acting in a confrontational and making and aggressive manner while questioning them about the COVID-19 rules imposed at the complex. The patron was questioning the posted COVID-19 rules, feeling that they were unfair and ridiculous. Officers located the gentleman and explained to him the protocols that are being enforced as per Provincial and local legislation regarding COVID-19 and the seriousness of abiding them. The male was cooperative and left the arena for the evening.