LaSalle Police Service Weekly Media Release – October 26th 2020 – November 1st 2020

Members of the LaSalle Police Service, working from Monday October 26th to Sunday November 1st, were kept busy responding to 441 calls for service and activities including:

17 – Emergency 911 Calls
3 – Alarms
1 – Assist Ambulance
2 – Assist Other Police Service
1 – Break and Enter
2 – By-Law Complaints
138 – Directed Patrols
2 – Domestic Dispute
12 – Driving Complaints
2 – Fraud Complaints
2 – Harassment Complaint
1 – Mental Health Act Matter
2 – Mischief Complaints
2 – Missing Persons
6 – Motor Vehicle Collisions
77 – Property Checks
11 – Suspicious Activity
7 – Thefts
2 – Threats Complaints
67 – Traffic Stops & Vehicle Checks
2 – COVID-19 related calls

October 26th
A resident met with an officer to report a possible fraud. The reporting person advised that they received information via text from a friend about the availability of a government grant in the amount of $100,000. In the text the friend claimed that they had already applied for the grant and sent them the link to apply as well. The reporting person clicked the link which brought them to a male’s Facebook account. The reporting person began corresponding with the male during which he told her that he needed a copy of her Ontario Driver’s Licence as well as $5000 to start the process which she provided. He then stated that she would need to pay $5000 up front and in return she would receive the $100,000 in a cheque. At this time the female realized that this was a scam, blocked the male on Facebook and contacted her friend who told her that she had not sent the message regarding the grants and that her phone had been hacked. The complainant contacted the LaSalle Police Service to file a report. The complainant was not out any funds however she did send a copy of her drivers licence. The reporting person was advised by the officer to monitor her credit. We cannot stress enough to never click on ANY links that are sent to you via e-mail or text even if it is from a trusted source without first confirming that the link or message was legitimate.

October 27th

Theft from motor vehicle
Police received a report of two vehicles that had been entered overnight on Surrey Drive. Both vehicles had been left unlocked however nothing of significant value had been taken. LaSalle Police would like to remind you that even while parked on your driveway please remember to always lock your vehicles and never leave any items of value in the vehicle, including wallets and purses.

October 29th
Dispatch received a call from the Loss Prevention Officer at Zehr’s with regards to a theft in progress. The adult male suspect used reusable grocery bags to conceal the items prior to exiting the store without making any attempts to pay for the goods. The Loss Prevention Officer engaged in a foot pursuit with the male outside the store and provided a description and location to LaSalle Police Service dispatch. Officers attended the area and were successful in locating the suspect hiding in some bushes. The suspect was responsible for shoplifting approximately $95 worth of goods from the business. He was arrested and charged with Theft under the Criminal Code of Canada and trespassed from Loblaws Companies.

Drive Motor Vehicle with Cannabis Readily Available
At approximately 11:30 PM an officer on general patrol in the area of Heritage Estates observed a vehicle parked at Heritage Park which has a Town Curfew of 10:00 PM. The officer approached the vehicle to advise of the curfew. During their interaction the officer observed drug paraphernalia and a small quantity of cannabis in plain sight in the front occupant area of the vehicle. There was also the odour of cannabis coming from within the vehicle. The driver was given a ticket for having care or control of a motor vehicle with cannabis readily available. The vehicle was left parked at this location and the male walked with a friend to a nearby residence for the night. It is an offence to drive with cannabis readily available much the same as it is an offence to drive with liquor readily available. While possession of 30 grams or less of Cannabis is legal, if you must transport it in a vehicle you must do so in a sealed container that is not accessible to anyone in the vehicle. The best location to transport cannabis in a vehicle is in the trunk.

October 30th

LaSalle Officers Save Life Using Naloxone and CPR
Just after 11:00 AM, Officers were sent to a residence in LaSalle to assist with an adult male who was in medical distress and did not have any vital signs. LaSalle Fire Service and Paramedics were on their way as well but police were first to arrive on scene. When officers arrived they observed a person attempting to perform CPR on the male. Officers quickly took over CPR and suspected that the male may be suffering from an opioid overdose due to the symptoms he was displaying. Officers administered Naloxone twice while continuing with chest compressions. Thankfully the male regained consciousness and was transported to the hospital by paramedics. He is expected to fully recover thanks to the life saving efforts of the officers. This marks the second time a life saved this year by LaSalle Police Officers using Naloxone.

Suspicious Male: Arrested on Warrants
Just before 5:00 PM, LaSalle Police dispatch received a call about a male stumbling around in the area of Sandwich West Parkway. Officers arrived in the area and quickly located the adult male. He was found to have outstanding warrants from LaSalle Police Service and Windsor Police Service and was placed under arrest. During a pat down search officers found a small quantity of fentanyl, a digital scale and several ziploc bags. The male was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking and transported to the LaSalle Police Service where he was processed and later released to the custody of the Windsor Police Service to complete the arrest for the their outstanding warrant for this male. Windsor Police officers took custody of the male and transported him to Windsor Police cells.

October 31st
Theft from motor vehicle
A theft from a motor vehicle in the area of Ninth Street was reported to LaSalle Police. The theft is believed to have occurred overnight from a vehicle which was left unlocked while parked in the driveway. Approximately $20.00 in loose change was stolen along with a garage door opener remote. The homeowner quickly removed access to the garage door opener and reprogrammed the main unit. Remember…Lock it or Lose it. A good tip is when you are turning in for the night, to use the lock feature on the main garage door button inside the garage and to lock the door that leads into your residence for attached garages. This feature deactivates the radio receiver on the garage door opener and cannot be opened remotely. This way, if someone manages to get in your vehicle where your remote is located, they will not be able to get inside you garage or residence.
November 1st
Break & Enter
The LaSalle Police Service is investigating a weekend break and enter to a residence in a neighbourhood off of Todd Lane. Some disturbing messages were left behind by the culprit(s), that may be hate motivated.
The break in was discovered by the family on Sunday November 1st after returning home from a trip away Halloween night. Upon their entry into the home, the family discovered the break in and extensive damage to the interior of the residence. The family also found racist symbols and messages spray painted on some walls and furniture and several items stolen.
This investigation is still in the initial stages and our team is working diligently to identify the person(s) responsible. The LaSalle Police Service is not revealing any further information that may affect the integrity of the investigation and the family has asked that their privacy be respected at this time.
The LaSalle Police Service condemns all criminal acts, especially those that promote hatred toward anyone.
The LaSalle Police Service is appealing to the public to come forward with any information that may be of assistance.
Anyone with information about this occurrence is encouraged to contact the LaSalle Police Service immediately at 519 969-5210 or anonymous tips can be made at Crime Stoppers at 519 258-8477 or www.catchcrooks.com