Licence Suspension

On October 30, 2019, Officer’s were advised of a possible impaired driver driving through LaSalle. An officer spotted the vehicle and it was pulled over on Todd Lane and Highway 3. The driver stated that she was on her way to a friend’s in Windsor, but she had pulled over to make a phone call. When asked if she had been drinking, the driver admitted that she had consumed some vodka prior to leaving the house. A second officer was called to the scene and demanded the female to provide a sample of her breath for testing. As a result of the test the female issued an “Alert” which indicated that she had above 50 mgs of alcohol per 100 ml of blood in her system. She was issued a 7 day licence suspension as she had previously received a 3 day licence suspension for a similar circumstance. Her licence was seized to be destroyed as per MTO guidelines. While no fine or demerit points are associated with this type of drivers licence suspension, a fee of $281 will have to be paid to the MTO to get your divers licence reinstated.