Lifesaving Award of Merit Presented to Lasalle Resident, Jan Bedford

The LaSalle Police Service was proud and honoured to recognize Jan Bedford at the LaSalle Town Council Meeting for her heroic actions in rescuing a person from perishing in the Detroit River.

In September 2021, Ms. Bedford saw a person struggling in the Detroit River in LaSalle and recognized that the person’s life was in danger. She disregarded her own safety by immediately taking action and swimming a significant distance out into the river to save them.

As a result of her brave deed, the LaSalle Police Service applied to the Lifesaving Society for the Lifesaving Award of Merit for Ms. Bedford, which was granted and presented by our local Lifesaving Society representatives, Sarah Newton and George Turnbull. LaSalle Police Chief, Duncan Davies also presented Ms. Bedford with the Chief’s Award of Merit for her heroic actions.

It should also be noted that a short time later, in February 2022, while Ms. Bedford was on vacation abroad, she rescued another person from drowning in the ocean after suffering a serious injury, falling unconscious, and disappearing beneath the water. Once again, she jumped into action and rescued them from an almost certain fate.

We are proud of Jan Bedford and thank her for her bravery and compassion.