Lock It Up LaSalle!

Lock It Up LaSalle

Motorists Warned to “LOCK IT UP LASALLE!” When it Comes to Their Vehicles and Valuables Left in Plain View

LaSalle, ON – With warm weather upon us, the LASALLE POLICE SERVICE is encouraging motorists and passengers to LOCK IT UP LASALLE! when it comes to their vehicles and to not leave valuables in plain view.

“Thieves know that an unlocked vehicle is an open invitation to crime. So is leaving your valuables in plain sight,” said Cst. Harbinder Gill “This is a busy time of the year. It’s easy to be distracted and leave your vehicle unlocked or valuables in your car. Take extra time to lock it down.”

Motorists and passengers are urged not to keep personal documents such as vehicle ownership, liability pink slips, credit card invoices, or other documents containing personal information in their vehicles. Identity thieves are looking for such documents so they can assume identities, secure credit card accounts, lease vehicles for export, and even take out a mortgage against victims’ properties without their knowledge.