LOCK IT OR LOSE IT. Crime Prevention Week 2020

LOCK IT OR LOSE IT. Crime Prevention Week 2020
Lock you vehicles. Every community experiences thefts from vehicles and LaSalle is no exception.
Help us reduce crime and criminal opportunity in our community.
The LaSalle Police Service is urging all residents to lock their cars. Thieves will operate in any area of our community where there is opportunity. Thieves will perform ‘car-hopping’, a process of stealing valuables from multiple vehicles in the same area, quickly moving from one vehicle to another. Thieves look for accessible marks, such as cars with unlocked doors or convertibles with the top down. Once valuables are stolen they are quickly pawned off or sold.
It’s all about prevention. Locking your car doors may be the difference on whether your items are stolen or not. It’s one of the simplest and most important actions you can take to prevent theft
If you see or hear anything or anyone suspicious – say something immediately.
Crime Prevention Techniques – Preventing theft from Vehicles
– Remove the ignition keys and lock your doors
– Roll up your windows
– Avoid parking in dimly lit or isolated areas
– ALWAYS remove all valuables from plain view inside your vehicle such as wallets, purses, briefcases, backpacks, gym bags, cell phones, laptops, etc. while you are parked overnight, at home, school or at work.
– Remove any documents in your vehicle which identify where you live – your home might be the thieves’ next target
– Don’t hide any spare keys inside or under your vehicle – thieves know just where to look
– Take a picture of your car with the plate number and VIN number
– ALWAYS report suspicious individuals immediately who appear to be looking into vehicles or trying door handles in neighborhoods or business areas to see if they are unlocked.
Call LaSalle Police at 519 969-5210 to report any suspicious activity. Calling immediately significantly increases our ability to locate the potential offender.