Lock It Up

Help Us Help You …..protect your belongings! #LockItUpLaSalle

Lock it or lose itPolice Pin with the words LaSalle Police

Don’t Be An Easy Target: Your Home
• When not at home, remember to lock your doors and windows.
• Set any alarm systems you may have.
• Ensure the garage door is closed before leaving or turning in for the night.
• If you see something suspicious call us, it’s why we’re here.
• Feel you’re victim of a burglary? Call us immediately. The longer you wait between the crime and reporting, the harder it is to find the perpetrators.
• When going on vacation, have someone you trust keep an eye on your home.

Don’t Be An Easy Target: Your Vehicle
• As with your home, ensure all windows and doors are secured when left unattended.
• Set your alarm!
• Remove valuables from plain view, you’re not the only one who likes to window shop.
• Whether in a parking lot or your driveway, please report the incident as soon as possible.

Keeping these tips in mind will help us better serve you.