Media Release August 17 – August 23

August 17
Youth Complaint
On Monday August 17, 2020 at 8:15 pm LaSalle Police attended LaSalle Public School for a youth complaint. The information received was that there was youths on the roof of the school. On arrival, the officer located two young people on the front portion of the school roof near the front entrance. The officer advised the youths that they were trespassing on school property and not allowed for any reason to be on the roof. The two young people were apologetic and left the area.

911 Trouble Unknown – Person in Crisis
LaSalle Police Officers were called to the 2800 block of Front Road for reports of a trouble unknown. Upon arrival, Officer’s learned that a person had entered a residence and assaulted the homeowner. The homeowner was now wrestling with a person of the front lawn of the residence. Neighbours tried to come over to help with the situation at hand before officers arrived but they too, were assaulted by this person. An off duty Police Officer was driving by and witnessed the struggle and stopped to intervene and assist. The homeowner gave the phone to the Officer to speak with the 911 Communicator to notify on what exactly was happening. The officer informed the Communicator that multiple units needed to attend and get there as soon as possible as the person was not showing signs of calming down. EMS was then contacted to attend the scene as well.
When the LaSalle Police Officer arrived on scene the person sat on the ground for about 10 seconds while assisting officers were still on their way. The person then proceeded to get up and charge at the officer in an aggressive manner. The Officer was standing about 10 feet from a live highway with traffic and believed that the male could have the ability to hurt him, due to the size, behaviour and current mental state. The Officer was concerned that the person could hurt himself, the Officer or any more of the surrounding public. The Officer deployed his Conducted Energy Weapon in an effort to resolve the situation. After about 10 seconds, the person stood up and started fleeing away from the Officer towards a field. Shortly after this, more units arrived and secured the person and he was no longer a harm to anyone. A parent of the person arrived and indicated that the person suffers from mental health issues and that he was currently transitioning onto new medications that could possibly cause the violence and unpredictable behavior. No charges were laid.

August 18th
Bicycles Egged
Around 9:00 pm, LaSalle Police received a report from a cyclist that an egg was thrown from a moving blue SUV striking the cyclist. The SUV was travelling west on Laurier at Disputed Road. The cyclist described the vehicle has having 2-3 young males (either in their teens or early 20’s). The vehicle was not located by Police.

Police were notified by another person who had the similar situation on the same date involving a vehicle and occupants of the same description.

Egg-throwing items from a vehicle could cause serious damage and or injury.

If this were to happen to you we ask that you call Police as soon as possible. Try to obtain the license plate number, description of the vehicle, direction of travel. These details are very important in trying to locate the vehicle and to aid in identifying the individuals involved.

August 19th
Unknown Male in Back-seat of Vehicle, then drove off when spotted…
Police attended the area of Homestead Lane for a report of a suspicious vehicle. Officers searched the area looking for a blue BMW SUV described to be having one person inside. The reporting person first saw the vehicle has been sitting for about an hour parked in a spot. The reporting person noticed the occupant in the back seat of the vehicle. The occupant then moved into the driver’s seat and left the area. A report from a family member stated that he had seen the same vehicle around 2 pm the previous day in the same spot. Photos and video surveillance were provided to the Police.

If you see anything out of the ordinary and it feels like an odd circumstance, call the police service right away on the non-emergency line at 519-969-5210 (ext. 0) to speak with Dispatch. If the circumstance involves a vehicle, do your best to try and obtain the vehicle’s description, license plate and/or direction of travel. We will send an officer in the area right away to investigate. As always, if it is an emergency, call 911.

August 20th
Stunt Driving
An Officer conducted a traffic stop on the eastbound Highway 401 ramp just off of Huron Church Line Road. The vehicle had been travelling in the center lane and it caught the attention of the Officer because it t was travelling well over the speed limit posted. The Officer used a radar device and it was locked in at 163km/hr in a 100 km/hr zone. All of the drivers’ documents were valid but because of the excessive speeding, the driver was charged with “Drive Motor Vehicle – Perform Stunt/Speeding by 50km/h or more”. His license was suspended, and vehicle impounded for 7 days. He was also served with a Part III Summons with a notice of suspension. The vehicle was towed from the scene.

August 21st
Animal Complaint
In the mid afternoon Officers were called to a latchkey/daycare. The reporting person stated that the children at the day-care were playing outside when an unleashed dog ran around the corner and pushed down a seven year old child. The child was not injured. The reporting person spoke to the dog owner and advised him that latchkey/daycare was in session and there were children in the area, and so dogs were not permitted in the area. The reporting person was able to make note of the licence plate of the vehicle driven by the dog owner. An Officer spoke to the dog owner who apologized for the situation and stated that he was unaware that there were children in the school at that time.

Please remember that in LaSalle, dogs are said to be “running at large” if they are not on a leash and are on any premise that is does not belong to the owner (or that the dog has permission to be on) or within the confines of a municipal dog park.

August 22nd
Motor Vehicle Accident – Personal Injury and Property Damage
Officers attended the intersection of Boismier Avenue and Front Road for a motor vehicle accident between a dump truck and a mini-van. Total damages were approximately $10,000. Through investigation, the southbound travelling driver was charged with “Turn – not in safety sec 142(1) of the Highway Traffic Act”. The drivers were treated by Paramedics at the scene. LaSalle Firefighters attended the scene to check the motor vehicles and clear the vehicles’ fluids from the highway. The dump truck was driven from the scene and the mini-van was towed.