Mischief in the Snow

On November 12, 2019, What seems like harmless fun, could lead to numerous ways of money coming out of your pocket. We know that snow can be fun and sometimes an empty parking lot or field seems very inviting to do “donuts”, drive at a high speed or challenge friends to a race in your vehicles. With the first heavy snowfall, we received a several complaints about vehicles trespassing in vacant parking lots. One was of a young male driver who got stuck in the field behind the Vollmer Sports Complex, in which a nearby neighbour called LaSalle Police to make a report. Dispatch called a tow truck for the young driver and police attended as well. The second incident involved a Town employee noticing ruts in the field at the Vollmer similar to a vehicle doing “donuts”. The culprit is unknown at this time. The following fines may apply to those who choose to engage in reckless driving behaviour;

– Careless Driving or Perform Stunt, if on a road way.
– Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle.
– Trespassing on Private Property, if the owner wants to press charges, with or without causing damage to the property.
– Mischief, if private property is damaged in any way.
– If your vehicle is stuck or damaged, you may need to call a Tow Truck. Tow services are very expensive.

These charges aren’t limited to just performing these acts in the snow, but in general, such behaviours should be avoided regardless of the weather conditions.