Motor Vehicle Accidents

On October 31, 2019, The LaSalle Police Service received multiple calls for motor vehicle collisions this Halloween. The weather was cold and rainy, leading to the roads being very wet. Three of the four incidents were as as a result of one vehicle rear-ending another vehicle. Two provincial offence notices were issued for Careless Driving contrary to section 130(1) of the Highway Traffic Act. A third provincial offence notices was issued for Follow to Closely contrary to section 158(1) of the Highway Traffic Act. The fourth motor vehicle collision during this evening occurred when a vehicle was driving around a bend on Malden Road close to River Canard and slid off the roadway and onto the shoulder. The vehicle became lodged in the reeds on the bank of River Canard. The driver of this vehicle failed to slow down when taking the bend and as a result lost control of her vehicle. She received a ticket for Fail to Drive in Marked Lane contrary to section 154(1)(a) of the Highway Traffic Act. With the colder weather coming we would like to remind you that when you are driving in the rain or snow the roads become more slick and you should be increasing your stopping distance to the car in front and decreasing your speed, thereby giving you better control of your car and assisting you in avoiding an accident.