Motor Vehicle vs Pedestrian

On August 15, 2019, officers attended the intersection of Front Road and Old Front Road for a report of a vehicle that had struck a pedestrian. The investigation revealed that the pedestrian was walking their dog south on Front Road at International. This intersection has created several issues. There is an official sign at that location indicating that right turns on a red light are prohibited. You must wait for a green light to turn either right or left from International Avenue onto Front Road. Before making any turn every person in charge of a motor vehicle must make sure that the movement can be made safely. In this instance it is understandable how when stopped on International Avenue waiting to turn right onto Front Road a driver would be only concerned about northbound traffic and their attention would be mostly drawn to the left. We must always make that conscious effort to look to the right for that pedestrian, cyclist, child, etc…who may be coming from the other way. Always look both ways before making any turn. It only takes a second and can save someone’s life including your own!