Motorists Urged to Pay Attention for Crossing Guards and Students

The LaSalle Police Service is urging motorists to keep a watchful eye out for our crossing guards and students as they make their way to and from our area schools.

Since the beginning of this school year, some of our crossing guards have reported nearly being struck by vehicles who failed to stop for them or did not see them altogether. The crossing guards are out there ensuring the safety of our children and will not call on the children to cross until it is safe to do so. But…motorists must do their part as well by being mindful and watchful during the morning and early afternoon hours when the students are going to and from school.

Drivers who fail to obey a school crossing guard stop sign could receive a fine of up to $730.00 and four demerit points. Officers continue to patrol the areas surrounding the schools at these times.

Please be patient with our students, crossing guards and buses. They are doing their best to keep our children safe on their journey to school and we ask that you do your part as well. An ounce of prevention…

Here is a link to a map of all our current crossing guard locations: