“Not My Kid” Opioid Abuse Series

“Not My Kid” Debuting on YourTV

As part of our ongoing efforts to raise awareness about the Opioid crisis affecting our region, LaSalle Police Service has partnered with YourTV (formerly TV Cogeco) to produce a short segment similar to the “Not my Kid” forums that were held across our region. We are very grateful for YourTV’s assistance and partnership in disseminating this important information, and helping us promote public safety and well-being. The show was produced for the “Plugged IN” segment which is hosted by Andrea Morosin.

The “Not My Kid” – Plugged IN segment will have its premier on Thursday March 1 at 5pm and 6:30pm on YourTV – Cable 11 or 700 HD. The show will air for two weeks, and its last airing will be on Sunday March 18th. Plugged IN also airs on:

Monday at 5:30pm

Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm and 6:30pm

Thursday at 10:30pm

Sunday at 6:30pm

We hope all of our residents are able to view this show which offers several safety tips. We are very grateful to all the participants in the show, the hard work put in by the host, the production staff of the show & YourTV.

Please note that this is the first of a 3 part series which the LaSalle Police Service and “Your TV” have partnered to discuss important social and community issues affecting citizens in our region and beyond.