Off-Road Vehicles Using Essex Terminal Railway Tracks Causing Dangerous Situation

The LaSalle Police Service has received a call from Essex Terminal Railway about damage along the tracks being caused by off-road vehicles.  The rocks adjacent to the railway ties and under the tracks are being eroded and pulled away from the tracks as vehicles travel along them which could eventually cause a train derailment.   The tracks and the corridor of property adjacent to the tracks are privately owned by the ETR and are posted as NO TRESPASSING.  The use of this property for off-road vehicles has been an issue for many years and the LaSalle Police Service has continuously addressed it with patrols and public appeals.

Please do not trespass on this property and especially, do not drive on, or disturb the rocks and stones along and under the tracks.

Anyone caught trespassing may be charged and their information forwarded to the ETR who may send a registered letter of trespass to the individual.

The ultimate message is to help prevent a disaster by staying off ETR property.