Online Scam

Sept 7
A local resident had shown interest in a vehicle that was being offered for sale on Kijiji website. The resident was contacted by the people who had posted the ad and invited him to come to the 1300 block of Cadillac in Windsor to see the vehicle. The local resident attended the area and saw a couple sitting in a 2007 Dodge Caravan with 71,000 kms (whose picture had been posted on Kijiji) He met with the couple in the van and took the van for a test drive around the block. They settled on a price of $1400. The couple then informed him that they had another buyer who was interested and were going to show the vehicle to him later in the evening. They told the local resident that they would contact him if the other buyer did not offer more money. Later that evening the buyer received a call by the seller, who said the other deal fell through and the van was his if he paid $1200 cash. The buyer agreed and gave the seller his address. The following day the sellers arrived on scene. Gave the ownership to the buyer, wrote out a sales receipt and signed the receipt with the owners name. When the buyer attended the MTO office to transfer the vehicle the following day he was told that the vehicle had been reported stolen from Windsor over a month ago. The man called police to report that he had been defrauded and sold a stolen vehicle. Police attended, took a report and recovered the stolen vehicle. The suspects who sold the stolen vehicle were described as white male, late 30’s, short brown hair with average build, accompanied by a female who was described as white, pregnant, with dirty blond hair. Please visit the OMVIC website, the MTO website as well as review the tips provided by Kijiji on their website, to avoid becoming a victim of such scams.