Pedestrian Safety

Many people are taking advantage of some of the nice weather we have been having, to get outside and go for walks or bike rides. We would like to remind everyone that on streets were there are no sidewalks present, the proper side of the road to walk on is facing / toward traffic. The reason for this is that as a pedestrian, you will be able to see oncoming traffic and have the ability to step out of the way if the approaching vehicle does not see you or move over for you. If you have your back to the vehicle, you can’t see it. This is also set out in Section 179 of the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario.

Duties of pedestrian when walking along highway
179 (1) Where sidewalks are not provided on a highway, a pedestrian walking along the highway shall walk on the left side thereof facing oncoming traffic and, when walking along the roadway, shall walk as close to the left edge thereof as possible.

Conversely, as per the Highway Traffic Act, persons riding a bicycle or any other vehicle are to ride in the same direction of traffic.