Please Keep Parked Vehicles in Driveway to Allow for the Passage of Snow Removal Vehicles

Just a reminder to try to keep your vehicles in your driveway to allow for the efficient removal of snow from our roadways and allow for the passage of snow removal vehicles.

Snow Removal – as per Town of LaSalle By-Law 7298:


A By-law to regulate Vehicular Parking within the Limits of the Town of LaSalle.

Section – 16. No person shall park a vehicle on any street at any time:

(10)in such a manner as to interfere with the movement of traffic, street cleaning measures, or the clearing of snow from the street.
With the snowy season upon us our snowplows will be out in force during and after snowfalls requiring the clearing of snow from our streets. We ask that everyone be mindful during these times and move your vehicles into your driveway to allow for the efficient removal of the snow as well as to ease the ability for these massive vehicles to maneuver as they work diligently to clear the way for us all.

Thank you all for your consideration in advance.

Here’s a link to the by-law:—A-By-law-to-regulate-Vehicular-Parking-within-the-Limits-of-the-Town-of-LaSalle.pdf

Here are some further Snow Removal and Winter Maintenance tips from the Town of LaSalle: