Police Officer Assaulted While Apprehending Person Under Section 17 of the Mental Health Act

On Monday, February 18th, 2019, LaSalle Police Officers attended a retail location in LaSalle for a report of a person that was “freaking out” inside a vehicle in the parking lot. Officers engaged the person and confronted them about their behaviour and suicidal comments that they had made. Through investigation, the officers formed reasonable grounds to apprehend this person under section 17 of the Mental Health Act. While apprehending the person, they punched an officer in the face causing the officer to fall back and strike their head on the pavement. The officer suffered a concussion as a result of the assault. The person fled the area on foot while being pursued to two other officers. They were arrested a short time later and charged with the offence of Assault Police Officer and Escape Lawful Custody. They were not injured in this incident however were transported to the hospital as per the Mental Health Act to be assessed by a physician.