Porch Pirate Crime Prevention Tips

Porch piracy, also known as package theft, occurs when individuals steal packages left on doorsteps or porches after delivery. There have been several incidents of parcel theft in LaSalle over the past year and we would like to remind our community of some tips that could help in reducing your chances of becoming a victim.

Here are some crime prevention tips:

1. **Install Security Cameras:** Visible surveillance cameras act as a deterrent and can provide evidence if a theft occurs. Please consider the height of the camera. The higher a camera is positioned the more of a top-down view you will get. Doorbell cameras give more of an eye-level view.
2. **Visible Security Measures:** Display signs indicating surveillance or security measures to deter potential porch pirates.

3. **Smart Doorbells:** Utilize smart doorbell technology to monitor and communicate with delivery personnel remotely.

4. **Motion-Activated Lighting:** Install motion-activated lights around your porch to discourage theft, especially during the night.

5. **Secure Delivery Location:** Have your parcel delivered to a local post office or a secure package locker at a retail location. You could also request deliveries to a trusted neighbour, or have packages delivered to your workplace if possible.

6. **Scheduled Deliveries:** Schedule deliveries for times when you or someone you trust will be home to receive the package.

7. **Signature Confirmation:** Request signature confirmation for deliveries to ensure packages are handed directly to you or a designated recipient.

8. **Prompt Retrieval:** Keep track of tracking information and retrieve packages promptly once they are delivered.

9. **Lockable Box*** Purchase and install a lockable package delivery box that owners unlock with a key.

10. **Package Tracking Apps:** Use package tracking apps that provide real-time updates on your deliveries, allowing you to be aware of when to expect them.

If your package was delivered and it has been stolen, report it to your local police service, the delivery company, and the merchant.