Possible Contractor’s Fraud

September 28, 2018

A case of possible contractor’s fraud – A local resident called police and told them that he had paid money to have his windows repaired but the job had not been completed, and the ‘contractor’ was refusing to attend the site or return the deposit he had been given to complete the work. Police got in touch with the “contractor” who denied the claim. The resident who had found this contractor on Kijiji was advised to be more circumspect of such contractors in the future. (please visit https://www.kijiji.ca/kijijicentral/jobs-services/services/avoiding-contractor-moving-and-other-service-scams/ or similar sites on information how to avoid such scams) The contractor was invited to the station to speak with the investigating officer, so his side of the story could be documented as well. He has yet to do so. The investigation is ongoing.