Prank Call

A young resident attended the station to report that someone had left a message on his voicemail indicating they would shoot him. The young man went on to say that he has no known enemies and was worried about the threat. The investigating officer listened to the voicemail, but could not confirm the threat as the voice was muffled. While trying to listen to the message again, the officer noted that the voicemail message was from an existing contact in the young man’s phone. Once this discovery was made, the young man thought it may be a prank call from his friend. The officer called the existing contact / friend and asked him about the call. He admitted to making the call, but denied making any threats. He apologized for any troubles he may have caused. Both men were spoken to, and encouraged to find other means of entertainment to prevent future waste of resources. Such incidents can sometimes lead to a criminal charge of “Public Mischief”!