Public Announcement of Marine Training on the Detroit River

Public Announcement

Marine Training on the Detroit River

Date: April 22nd and April 23rd, 2023

This message is to advise the public that on the weekend of April 22nd and 23rd, over 80 sailors from the Naval Reserve, HMCS Hunter, the Canadian Coast Guard, Windsor Police, LaSalle Police., R.C.M.P, O.P.P, E.M.S., LaSalle Fire, Leamington Fire, Windsor Port Authority, Emergency Management, and several partner agencies will participate in a large scale, collaborative and dynamic emergency preparedness training exercise on the Detroit River. As such, there will be many emergency vessels participating in a number of different training scenarios which will include search and rescue techniques, response to various emergencies, and vessel handling. Please be aware that pyrotechnics may be used during these scenarios.

This annual training named “Ex BORDER SENTINEL” is a multi-organizational exercise led by the Naval Reserve, HMCS Hunter that focuses on emergency preparedness and is aimed to bolster the skills of all marine partners and first responders.

The lessons we learn from these joint exercises enhance our ability to work together effectively and ensure a coordinated, efficient, and timely response to marine emergencies.