2023 Police Constable Posting September

The Town of LaSalle is a beautiful and progressive community with a population of approximately 33,000 residents. Its rich urban and rural setting is approximately 60 square kilometers in size and borders the City of Windsor to the north, the Town of Tecumseh to the east, the Town of Amherstburg to the south and sits along the banks of the Detroit River to the west.

The LaSalle Police Service is very proud of the diversity not only within our great community but also within our organization. LPS truly believes that your Police Service must be representative of the wonderful citizens that they serve.

Integrity and Professionalism are two qualities which form the basis of this very progressive law enforcement agency. Earning the respect and trust of citizens of LaSalle and its visitors are priorities to each member while providing a safe and secure environment to one of the fastest growing communities in Canada.

To maintain its tradition of excellence, the LaSalle Police Service seeks to hire people in all positions representative of the cultural and racial diversity of the community we serve.

If you are a person with integrity, accountability, courage, a sense of caring and fairness and are interested in an exciting career in law enforcement as well as becoming a part of a special organization, apply today to be a member of the LaSalle Police Service. For general information on becoming a Police Constable in Ontario, please visit the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police website at or the “New OACP certificate CSS process”

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(All Terrain Vehicle – ATV, Bicycle Patrol Unit, Marine Unit, R.I.D.E Program, Uniform Patrol)

The LaSalle Police Service works in a team-oriented environment consisting of several specialty units. As a team, these specialty units aid in keeping LaSalle one of the safest communities in Canada.

The LaSalle Police Service has qualified personnel in the following areas to support front-line officers.

  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Crime Prevention
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Domestic Violence
  • Firearms Tracing
  • Forensic Identification
  • Harassment Advisors
  • Intoxilyzer Technicians
  • Sexual Assault Investigations

The Patrol Unit is committed to addressing the root causes of problems before they become crime and order issues. Front-line officers are encouraged to take responsibility and accountability to initiate problem-solving activities and promote their sense of ownership in specific geographical areas. There are four platoons of front-line officers supported by specialty units ( Marine, Bicycle, and All Terrain Vehicle ) within the Police Service.

Criminal Investigation Division

(Armament, Collision Analyst, Collision Reconstruction, Designated Intoxilyzer Technicians, Drug Enforcement, Forensic Identification, Major Case Management, Scenes of Crime – SOCO, and Sexual Offender Registry – SOR) Provides investigative and case management support to the service. The division is responsible for the investigation and/or case management of serious criminal offences in addition to providing such services as Forensic Identification, Criminal Intelligence and ViCLAS Management. The Forensic Identification officer(s) record scenes of crime through video, photographs and drawings to orientate and inform the court with details of the scene and events that occurred. Duties of these officers include the taking of DNA samples for investigations and for the National DNA Databank, fingerprinting of persons charged with offences and creating photo line-ups. Scenes of Crime Officers (SOCO) conduct field examinations and photography for minor break and enter, theft, minor assaults, and other incidents.

Police ambulance with equipment laid out beside itSupport Services

(Communications Centre, Administrative Support, Records Management System, and Freedom of Information)

Communications Centre

Servicing the Town of LaSalle and Kingsville Fire, our front-line emergency communication/dispatch staff receive approximately 30,000 “calls for service” annually. They are a highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals. They handle police and fire emergency calls as well as other high-risk incidents on a daily basis. Communications staff are often a lifeline to both victims and responding police officers. They offer understanding, comfort, and front-line support to victims. LaSalle Police Service is fortunate to have a skilled and experienced Communication Team – an integral part of a successful emergency response organization.

Administrative Support Staff

The administrative employees support the LaSalle Police Service. In this capacity, they provide officer support, court liaison services, police clearances, Freedom of Information requests, front counter service, commissioning of oaths and file record maintenance.

Records Management System

As a contemporary police service, ” state of the art ” technology has been a primary focus of both the Board and the Police Service. Our Records Management System has the ability to support all local technical requirements and interface with the provincial database.

The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection and Privacy Act (MFIPPA) provides citizens with a right of access to records within the custody or control of all municipal police sector organizations, including police services. The Act provides a framework for responding to requests for information while maintaining the police service’s interest and an individual’s right to privacy. Any person requesting access to police service records under the Act must apply in writing to the Coordinator of Freedom of Information and Privacy of the LaSalle Police Service. In accordance with the Act, a five-dollar fee must accompany every request before the record search can proceed.

Youth Programs

Adult Crossing Guards Bicycle Safety Rodeo B-Rad (Bullying, Relationships, and Drugs) Child Car Seat Clinics Prom Readiness Program Racing Against Drugs Program Safety Talks with area Youth Groups School Safety Patrol Program Secondary School Liaison Traffic Survey for KISS and RIDE Program

Question and Answers

How do I become a LaSalle Police Officer?

Any new positions for Police Constable will be advertised on the LaSalle Police Service website and the Town of LaSalle website.  The basic criteria for hiring are set out in the Police Services Act section 43(1).

43(1) No person shall be appointed as a police officer unless he or she,

(a) is a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident of Canada is at least eighteen years of age, is physically and mentally able to perform the duties of the position having regard to his or her own safety and the safety of members of the public; is of good moral character and habits; and has successfully completed at least four years of secondary school education or its equivalent. (2) A candidate for appointment as a police officer shall provide any relevant information or material that is lawfully requested in connection with his or her application.

How do I become a civilian employee?

All civilian positions will be advertised on the LaSalle Police Service website and the Town of LaSalle website. The basic hiring criteria will be outlined as needed.

Co-op Student Program: (Currently on Pause)

The LaSalle Police Service provides a Co-Operative Police Program through the Cooperative Education Program in partnership with the Windsor Essex County Public and Separate School Boards. Our Cooperative Education high-school student interns assist the Support Staff members with any duty that is reasonable i.e.: retrieving and distributing incoming fax transmission, photocopying, retrieving and distributing police clearances and minor data entry and filing. The student(s) attend classes for half the day and work in the police station for the other half.

The program will usually run from September to April. Students are selected by their respective schools. Students are required to complete a resume and attend the LaSalle Police Service for an interview.

If you are interested in this program contact your high school student council office for more information.