Sandwich Secondary School Placed in Brief Hold and Secure Status

Sandwich Secondary School was placed in a brief hold and secure after LaSalle Police Service received a report that a young male, who is not a student at the school, allegedly attended the school parking lot with a firearm.

Officers immediately attended the school to investigate and learned that an argument between two groups of people had taken place in the parking lot of the school. A student who was not involved reported the incident to the principal and stated that they overheard that one of the involved males possibly had a firearm. LaSalle Police Service suggested to school officials to place the school in a Hold and Secure status pending further investigation.

Within minutes of the call, police located and detained the involved male subject and searched him for any weapons. After a thorough search, no weapons were located.

The Hold and Secure status was activated out of an abundance of caution until investigators could determine what had transpired. The investigation into this event revealed that there were no reports of any assault or threats on this date and there was no firearm present or involved.

As a result of this incident, two males were issued trespass notices not to be on school premises and their parents were spoken to.