September is Child Passenger Safety Month

As of September 15, 2019, CPSAC – Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada have 2211 certified members including 2134 technicians, 62 instructors, and 15 instructor trainers. Of note, 57 have been taught so far in 2019 as well as 4 transfer courses and 4 recertification courses. CPSAC still have 22 more courses this year.

In 2018, the LaSalle Police Service began training with CPSAC. There are approximately 8 LaSalle Police Officers who are trained and certified by CPSAC as Child Passenger Safety Technicians. With this training, our officers are able to assist in the inspection and installation of child seats in motor vehicles.

Without CPSAC as well as our wonderfully dedicated instructors, Gioia Levesque and Cathie Hedges, the LaSalle Police Service would not be able to offer this vital service to our community.