Snowmobilers Charged with Trespassing by LaSalle Police Service

The LaSalle Police Service recently published an article on our website at well as social media regarding ATVs, ORVs and Snowmobiles trespassing on private property. In the article, we asked everyone to respect private property and highlighted some of the areas posted as “no trespassing” such as the Essex Terminal Railway tracks and adjacent lands, or farmlands that are automatically considered private property and require no signs. The message is that if you are on these lands without permission, you are trespassing.

The LaSalle Police Service continues to receive complaints from our residents and farmers regarding the ongoing issue of vehicles trespassing on their lands and are taking enforcement action against individuals who ignore or flout our repeated requests to refrain from trespassing on these properties. Just because you may have done so in past with no issues does not mean that it is OK.

On Saturday, February 5th, the LaSalle Police Service received a complaint of several snowmobiles travelling on farmland near Malden Road. LaSalle Police Officers attended the area using patrol vehicles and a UTV and located the involved individuals.

As a result, a total of four Provincial Offence Notices and nine cautions were issued to the seven subjects.

· If you see a no trespassing sign, don’t trespass. Certain areas do not require the posting of no trespassing signs and are automatically known in law as no trespassing such as farm fields.
· It is your responsibility to operate your ATV, ORV or Snowmobile ONLY where you have permission or on lands that you own.
· If you are confronted by a property owner and asked to leave, you must do so immediately.
· Be considerate.
· Follow the rules and guidelines.
· And never operate an ATV, ORV or Snowmobile after consuming drugs or alcohol.

For more information on requirements, please see the Off-Road Vehicles Act of Ontario or the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act of Ontario.

Author: Senior Constable Terry Seguin
Community Liaison Officer, LaSalle Police Service
519 969-5210 ext 2031