Stunt Driving Charge for Driving 55 km/h Over the Limit

The LaSalle Police Service has regularly released information to the public about many of the Stunt Driving charges that have been issued in our community. We do not do so to shame or further punish an individual beyond what is required by legislation. We do so to bring attention to everyone regarding the danger and consequences such actions can bring. Some consequences could include being involved in a serious or fatal collision, fines and penalties, as well as increased insurance costs for many years to follow.

Here’s a quick reminder: If the speed limit is less than 80km/h (70, 60, 50, 40 km/h) going 40 km/h OVER the speed limit=STUNT, immediate 14-day vehicle impound and 30-day licence suspension.

An easier way to remember how to avoid a stunt driving charge: Just slow down and drive the speed limit and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately, an eighteen-year-old male from Amherstburg did not heed the warnings and was recorded on radar travelling 105 km/h in a posted 50 km/h zone on Front Road yesterday afternoon at around 3:00 PM. He was summonsed for the offence and his licence seized.

Please do not put our community at risk. Slow down and drive safely.

If you agree raise your right foot.

Picture that says speeding is dangerous.  Raise your right foot.