Stunt Driving Charge Issued for 67 km/h Over The Speed Limit

Case #22-6025

An 18-year-old, female resident of Amherstburg was issued a summons for stunt driving after they were caught driving their red Chevrolet Cruze at 127 km/h in a 60 km/h zone on Disputed Road on Monday afternoon. A LaSalle Police Officer who was patrolling the area clocked the vehicle on radar travelling at this high rate of speed and issued the driver with a summons. Her licence was automatically suspended for 30 days. Once the period of suspension expires, she will be required to pay a $281.00 driver’s licence reinstatement fee to Service Ontario before being legally eligible to drive a motor vehicle again.

If convicted, she will face a fine of not less than $2000.00 and her licence could be suspended for not more than two years (if this is a first conviction) and not more than ten years on any subsequent conviction.
Keep in mind that a charge of this nature can have significant and lasting financial implications when it comes to insurance.

Every kilometre you travel over the speed limit decreases your ability to avoid a hazard because it increases the distance it takes you to stop.

The main message to all motorists is to slow down. Please obey the speed limit for all our sakes.

Police radar showing a speed of 128 kilometers per hour