Stunt Driving

September 17, 2018 – During the middle of the afternoon, two LaSalle officers observed a rider on a motor cycle doing “wheelies” along Normandy St. They observed that the front wheel of the motorcycle was high above the road surface. The officers pulled over the rider for “Stunt Driving”. The driver was advised of the reason for the stop. His licence was seized on the spot, and suspended for 7 days. He was also issued a summons to attend court and explain his actions to a Judge / Justice of Peace. The motorcycle was also impounded for 7 days. If convicted, the minimum first-time fine for stunt driving is $2,000. That fine can go all the way up to $10,000. In addition the rider will get 6 demerit points on his licence and get a one year licence suspension. He will also face a 100% increase in insurance cost. Under certain circumstances the convicted driver could also end up with six months in jail and a 2 year licence suspension.