Suspicious Circumstances

On June 28, 2019, officers attended a residence on North Townline for suspicious circumstances. They met with the mother of the reporting person who was wishing to report on her behalf. The daughter had listed a prom dress on Kijiji which included her telephone number. A male called under an unknown number, which the female answered only expecting her father as his number comes up the same way. The male asked general questions about the dress indicating he was inquiring for his daughter. The male then asked were she lived to which she eventually provided him her address. He then stated “Considering that I have your information and address, don’t tell anyone about this phone call, I’ll find you” This is when she hung up the phone and contacted police. Police then spoke with the daughter advising her of safety precautions she should take when posting things on-line. The officers advised the family they will conduct directed patrols for suspicious activity. It is best practice to not post or give out your address to anyone on line. If selling items it is best to meet at a public place where there are other people and also to bring someone with you if possible. Also, when selling clothing, don’t model the clothing. Keep yourself and your information private.