On June 17, 2019, LaSalle Police Dispatch received a call regarding three female shoplifters at the Windsor Crossings Outlet Mall. A description of the three suspects including a vehicle was relayed over the police radio. An officer spotted a similar looking vehicle on Heritage Drive with three female occupants who matched the description of the suspects. The officer conducted a traffic stop by activating the emergency equipment on the police vehicle. Two other officers attended and assisted with the investigation. The three females were placed under arrest for theft. A search of the vehicle resulted in the recovery of not only the stolen merchandise taken from the initial store but also a large amount of merchandise suspected to be stolen from other stores at Windsor Crossings Outlet Mall and Devonshire Mall. Two young persons and an adult female were charged under the Criminal Code, processed at the police station, and released by way of an Undertaking and a Promise to Appear in Court at a future date.