Theft, Break & Enter

On April 29, 2019, officers were dispatched to a home in the 2600 Block of Bridgeway Avenue for a theft that occurred overnight. Officers arrived and spoke with the home owner, who advised officers he had noticed his garage door open around 7pm the prior evening and forgot to close it. In the morning when he attended the garage he noticed numerous items missing not only from his garage but from his vehicles parked in the garage as well. LaSalle Police has been promoting the Lock it or Lose it campaign for years and remind everyone to lock your vehicle doors at all times while it is unoccupied. Remove your valuables and if you leave a garage door opener in your vehicle, most automatic garage door systems have a lock feature on the interior door opener. Use this feature at night just as you would when locking your residence doors. This prevents the garage door from being opened by the remote opener in your vehicle. That way if your vehicle is broken into, they don’t have access to your home.