Theft from a Vehicle

On November 8, 2019, On November 8, 2019, the LaSalle Police Service received two calls about thefts from motor vehicles. The first theft occurred on Malden Road in broad daylight when the owner of the vehicle went into the WFCU Credit Union for roughly 5 minutes. The insurance and ownership for the vehicle were taken out of the center console and several dollars of loose change were also missing. The vehicle had been unlocked during this time. The second theft occurred on Kevin Street in the vehicle owner’s driveway. Many miscellaneous items were taken from the vehicle and the person responsible for the theft left items in the vehicle including a garage door opener from another residence. The investigating officer drove through the area trying the garage opener in an attempt to locate the residence where it belonged but was unsuccessful.

With a lot of occurrences happening over the past few months involving people rummaging through vehicles, at any time of day, we are strongly advising the public of a few things:
1 – ALWAYS lock your vehicle doors, even during quick stops at stores, coffee shops, banks etcetera. It only takes seconds for a theft to occur and this is completely preventable.
2 – The season of longer nights are upon us and it is darker longer than it is light outside. Often, thieves and criminals use the cover of darkness to conceal their nefarious acts. When you’re at home and your vehicle is in your driveway, make sure it is locked.
3 – Don’t leave anything of value on display in your vehicle. If you do have anything (GPS, sunglasses, set of keys, garage door openers, etc.) hide them; whether it is in the center console, underneath seats, or the glove box. Don’t tempt the thieves! Best option is to bring them in the house with you.

As a reminder, most automatic garage door openers have a lock feature on the main panel inside the garage. It is a good idea to use this lock feature at night which disables the remote’s ability to open the garage door. So even if someone does manage to enter your vehicle they wouldn’t be able to use the garage door opener to gain access to your home.