Theft of Bicycle

On April 22, 2019, officers received a complaint of a theft of a bicycle from the 1300 block of Reaume Road. The complainant left his bicycle lying in the driveway at a residence there between 5:00 PM and 5:40 PM. During that time the bicycle was stolen. The bicycle is described as: Supercycle mountain bike which was camouflage (green and black) in colour. It has a black seat with a large rip exposing the yellow foam. If you happen to see this bicycle please call LaSalle Police at 519 969-5210. Please don’t leave you bicycles lying out in the driveway, front yard or even just inside an open garage door where they may be easily removed. It only takes a thief a couple of seconds and its gone. It’s always a good idea to put your bicycle in the back yard or inside a secure garage when not in use. LaSalle Police are currently exploring a company called Project 529 which is a bicycle registry that enables a person to immediately report their bike stolen through the app. Other Project 529 users would see this notification immediately and could be on the look out. The anticipation is that LaSalle Police will also have this app in the near future and will be immediately notified once a bike owner with the app reports a theft of their bike. Victims of theft would still be required to call LaSalle Police to file a proper police report. Check it out at