Theft Under

On June 27, 2019, Officers were dispatched to Todd Lane for reports of a suspicious vehicle. The vehicle was located and stopped just east of Canada St on Todd Lane. 4 male passengers were observed in the vehicle as well as various signs, and a construction cone in the back seat and trunk. The males advised that after attending a party at their friends house they thought it would be funny to take signs off front lawns. The officer detected a smell of alcohol emanating from the vehicle. The 3 passengers advised they had been drinking at the party, however the driver was the designated driver and had not been drinking. The officer confirmed with a roadside breath test which revealed 0 mgs of alcohol. All males were cautioned for theft under. The officers accompanied the males while they replaced all the signs and cones in the location where they took them. They were also spoken to and advised that they had all committed the criminal offences of theft and possession of stolen property. They were all remorseful and understood the potential consequences for their actions.