Thefts from Motor Vehicles

We have had several thefts from unlocked vehicles reported over the past week. Last night someone stole a set of golf clubs from a vehicle parked on Outram Ave. Another resident called us at 4:00 AM to report that they saw a young white male going through their cars in the 500 block of Grondin. This male fled the area before police arrived. An extensive search of the area was conducted but proved to be unfruitful.
We urge residents to always remove all valuables from your vehicle and to lock your vehicle.
Residents are reminded to follow these important safety tips to help prevent thefts from vehicles:
· ALWAYS keep your vehicle locked, even if you are only going to be away from it for a short time.
· ALWAYS lock your vehicles while at gas pumps. Some thieves will wait for your back to be turned to your vehicle and will attempt to steal items from your vehicle while you’re distracted. Always lock your vehicle up.
· ALWAYS remove all valuables from plain view inside your vehicle such as wallets, purses, briefcases, backpacks, gym bags, cell phones, laptops, etc. while you are parked overnight or at work.
· ALWAYS report suspicious individuals immediately who appear to be looking into vehicles or trying door handles in neighborhoods or business areas to see if they are unlocked.