Town of LaSalle – WECHU Enters Grey Zone – Lockdown

WECHU Enters Grey Zone – Lockdown

Residents of LaSalle,

On Monday, December 14th, 2020 at 12:01 AM, Windsor-Essex County was placed under modified Stage 1 – Grey Zone – Lockdown as per the Government of Ontario and the Windsor Essex County Health Unit. There are stringent measures included in this lockdown that must be followed in order to ensure the health of our communities.

One such significant measure of Ontario Regulation 82/20 under the Reopening Ontario Act is:

Gatherings, Stage 1 areas
1. (1) no person shall attend,
(a) an organized public event that is held indoors;
(b) a social gathering that is held indoors,
This means: It is illegal to gather indoors with anyone you do not live with.
Exception, members of single household

2. Section 1 does not apply with respect to a gathering of members of a single household, or a gathering that includes members of a household and one other person from outside that household who lives alone.
This means: Gathering indoors is not allowed, except with members of your household (or one other household if you live alone). If you live alone you may pick one family or household with whom you may visit.
You can however have a gathering of up to 10 persons outdoors as long as everyone is able to socially distance.
There are a number of additional measures under Lockdown which everyone is encouraged to read and be aware of.

Information regarding the various 5 zones of public health measures is available at: Framework for Keeping Ontario Safe and Open Lockdown Measures.

The LaSalle Police Service would like to remind our community that throughout this pandemic, public safety and community wellbeing has remained our number one priority. We continually strive to strike a balance between community support and education and enforcement.

COVID-19 positive cases have continued a steady increase in many regions across Ontario including here in Essex County. We as a community must not become weary or complacent in our efforts to avoid unnecessary exposure and have to do our part to stem the burden to our medical system. We are all legally bound to follow these rules which have been put into place in order to protect the overall health of our communities.

The LaSalle Police Service supports this collaborative public health strategy and will take appropriate enforcement action where necessary.

We respect that many are facing serious challenges however the health and safety of our community is of paramount importance us.
If we work together we can all make a difference.
Stay Safe.

Approved By: Chief John LEONTOWICZ