Traffic Enforcement Continues in LaSalle

LaSalle Police continue their campaign of targeted traffic enforcement. As previously advertised, LaSalle Police had been receiving an increased number of complaints of speeding and aggressive driving in the Town. LaSalle Police embarked on a campaign to address the matter directly through targeted enforcement and directed patrols. As a result the number of traffic stops, charges, and warnings have increased exponentially each month. Traffic related charges laid per month since campaign began:
March: 48
April: 85
May: 96
June: 130
The number of warning has increased exponentially as well. It is clear that there has been increased traffic enforcement overall however we are still receiving driving complaints. This continues to be a safety issue as well as a local priority as identified by our citizens therefore LaSalle Police will continue with increased traffic enforcement in all areas of the town and ask that everyone obey the rules of the road.