Traffic Stop – Driver Motor Vehicle, No Insurance

On November 23, 2019, An officer was conducting traffic enforcement on Front Road in LaSalle when they happened to query a vehicle’s licence plate on an available police database. The query revealed that the insurance status on the vehicle was “unconfirmed”, indicating that it was not likely bound by a valid contract of insurance. The officer conducted a traffic stop of the vehicle and met with the male driver who produced a valid drivers license, insurance and ownership. When the officer called the insurance company to make sure that the vehicle was insured he found out that the registered owner had a suspension on their license a week prior and the vehicle was being operated on a highway without any insurance. The registered owner was given 72 hours to provided proof that the vehicle was insured at the time of the traffic stop. If after 72 hours they registered owner does not provide proof of insurance then they will be issued a part III Summons to go to court to answer to the charge. The minimum fine for operating a motor vehicle on a highway without insurance is $5000.00. Subsequent offences yield a higher and increasing penalty.