Traffic Stop – No Insurance

On October 29, 2019, a LaSalle Police Service patrol car was in the median of Highway 18 observing northbound traffic when the officer observed a blue 1999 BMW driving southbound. The licence plate was queried on an available police database which revealed that the insurance status of the vehicle was “unconfirmed.” The officer initiated a traffic stop to check the driver’s documents and to confirm the whether the vehicle was insured or not. The driver provided ownership and insurance in another person’s name advising the officer he just purchased the car the day prior. The officer made several attempts to contact the insurance company to confirm if the vehicle was still insured, but was unsuccessful. The officer then spoke with the original owner who advised the officer the insurance had been cancelled for the entire month of October. As a result, the officer formed reasonable grounds that the owner of vehicle did not have valid insurance. As a result a part III summons was issued for owner operate a motor vehicle on a highway – no insurance, contrary to section 2(1)(a) of the compulsory automobile insurance act. It is important when purchasing a used vehicle that all the necessary documents are transferred properly and insurance is obtained on the vehicle before it is driven away. Refer to the MTO website for further instructions on the responsibility of both the buyer and seller of used vehicles. The minimum fine for a first offence of driving a motor vehicle upon a highway without insurance is $5000.00.