Trail Courtesy – LaSalle

We are very fortunate here in LaSalle to have a wonderful and elaborate trail system for all to enjoy. It is nice to see the smiling faces, the occasional kind nod and a simple hello as we pass by. The trails are used by walkers and cyclists alike and there is a certain amount of etiquette that should be observed when using them. We ask that everyone be courteous and share the trails with other users. If you are cycling, slow down and alert walkers that you are coming up behind them, especially if they are walking a dog. Give some advanced notice as you see them up ahead. This way they can keep their dog to the side and not be startled and give the walkers a wide berth to avoid a collision. Walkers, be alert for cyclists as well as others using the trail and keep your dogs close to you while moving to one side as a cyclist is passing, also giving them plenty of room to pass. Remember that all dogs must be leashed at all times while on the trail system in LaSalle.

We encourage safety and caution at all times.
Courtesy and kindness go a long way and is one of the many reasons why LaSalle is such a great place to live.